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Floooh's tiny8bit emulator

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Well, yes thank you, I can read instructions, what I don't have is time, hence my question about a windows executable 🤪


Hi all,

I know the topic is old, but I have a quick question.

Do you know if the emulator can load a DSK in javascript?
Some games require you to insert side B of the floppy disk during the game.
I searched, but I did not find anything about it.

If anyone has a solution I'm interested  :)

JavaScript is the devil. Nevertheless you can find an good implementation here

Be aware that floooh's emulators are really only demo implementations to showcase/test their underlying libraries, not fully realised applications. So they don't bother with many user conveniences like live disk changes.
If you really need those features, you'll have to try another emulator or implement the features yourself.


Thanks for these informations.

Sid_, I have already consulted this url but I could not find more information, thanks anyway.

pelrun, thanks for the explanation about the floooh emulator.


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