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Help regarding scanline emulation
« on: 10:45, 28 January 16 »

So, I'm about to start recording a lot of videos from my Amstrad CPC.
For this I've bought the XRGB-Mini Framemeister, which offers scanline emulation.

It can take a 240p image and scale it up to 720p. In this process it takes every line and displays twice followed by the same line again dimmed a bit.

It is this dimming I'm asking for help with. I can set how much it's supposed to be dimmed. The standard settings looks good, but I don't feel it's entirely accurate.
Thought I better ask here.

I can set a value between 0 and 100, where 0 is completely blank and 100 is not dimmed at all.

What do you emulator creators usually use?

P.S.: Yes, I know the CPC doesn't output a 240p signal. I'm trimming the edges to get a 240p image.

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Re: Help regarding scanline emulation
« Reply #1 on: 04:33, 14 February 16 »
What do you emulator creators usually use?

WinAPE uses 50% RGB values in the alternate scan lines, but also blurs the pixels horizontally by using a running average on the RGB.

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Re: Help regarding scanline emulation
« Reply #2 on: 12:55, 14 February 16 »

What do you emulator creators usually use?
I do the really bad emulation. ;)

I put a black line every odd line and I'll be doing the same for the next release because I'm concentrating on crtc emulation now. (ok I took a detour to emulate the symbiface 2 roms and ram).

I do perform gamma correction, brightness and contrast though - or at least I try.

I'll change it after I've sorted most of the crtc emulation.

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