How do I make WinApe emulate a 464 (Or at least run "Froggy" correctly)?

Started by cwpab, 17:30, 02 February 14

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I am trying to run the game "Froggy", by Steve Chambers:

It looks like the sprite of the main character will only work on a 464 (Strange, because I had this game back in the day and it ran on a 6128).

Anyway, just in case: Which options must I check / change to make WinApe behave like a 464?

I tried the memory = 64k, but it's probably not enough. The game still fails for sure.

I appreciate your help.


To emulate a 464 you mainly have to use the corresponding ROMs :
   OS464 in lower ROM
   BASIC1-0 in Upper ROM 0

Additional RAM should not prevent a SW to run.


It's not what you setted but that version of the game:
"Le sprite du personnage ne s'affiche pas sur le CPC 6128."
Exactly what you wrote ;)  bug in this version, maybe the dump, no idea :)

now if you set a 464 it works. (just add AMSDOS for the floppy)

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