Author Topic: How to write a big file to an emulator disk image?  (Read 1043 times)

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I am trying to run video with SymbOS but the size of a video file is too big for DSK-image.    :(  SymbOS supports FAT.  Is it possible to attach DOS floppy IMG-image (or maybe HDD image) to the emulators? Please help.
I am also curious about the absence of the shared folders at known to me emulators.  Such folders are part VirtualBox and a lot of Commodore emulators.
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Re: How to write a big file to an emulator disk image?
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WinAPE can give SymbOS direct access to a FAT32 partition on either your hard disc or a removable hard drive. It also has the ability to work with it's own hard disc image format.