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Started by Dolbz, 01:00, 08 April 21

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After my greeting post here in Feb 2020 I've been very quiet with my head down working on my CPC emulator on and off over the last year.

It's a bit rough and ready in places but I figured it's functional enough to share.

It's currently built for Windows and Mac but I should be able to add Linux support without much extra effort. The main thing that's missing for Linux today is audio emulation.

Technical details:

  • Z80 emulation and 99% of the CPC emulation code written in C#/.NET 5
  • I've tried to make it as faithful an emulation as possible. I don't currently have hardware to really verify against so it may be well off in some places.
  • I think CRTC emulation might be the most flaky part. It is emulated as best as I could work out from docs scattered around the web that I could lay my hands on. The basic display modes and games I've tried seem to work as expected.
  • It is probably not a super optimised/efficient emulator implementation. It's my first time writing an emulator and I've probably made many mistakes. However it emulates at full speed with no problem on the machines I've got to hand right now.

It only supports cassette at the moment so sorry, you'll have to sit through those loading screens.

Please check it out and let me know what you think. And please let me know about issues you hit!

Download links @ and source @


Always great to see a new emulator :) Do keep is in the loop!

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