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Title: JavaCPC 6.5 comes with overhauled AY emulation
Post by: Devilmarkus on 18:10, 09 July 09
Hi together,
today I decided to release version 6.5 of JavaCPC.

Here are the changes:

- New feature: Record audio (You can save JavaCPC's soundchip output
  as WAV file now, 44khz, 8 bit, stereo)
- CSW file support
- Completely overhauled AY emulation with logarithmic volume output
  (You can choose between 3 different volume-tables) and with better
  noise output
- New features for Windows users: You can create CDT or convert WAV
  to CDT now using JavaCPC's GUI's for 2CDT / SAMP2CDT
  (Thanks to Kevin Thacker who gave me permission to use his apps)
- Improved CRTC emulation

Thanks to César Nicolás González - http://cpce.emuunlim.com -
Thanks to Kev Thacker for great help!
Also thanks to John Girvin - www.girv.net -
for his C++ conversation of:
"TZX to WAV Converter v0.2"
"(C) 2006 Francisco Javier Crespo"

You can download your copy now on http://cpc-live.com/download.php?list.7 (http://cpc-live.com/download.php?list.7)

Have fun with my new release, and please send your feedback.