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Another version of Arnold Emulator.

Started by Aeliss, 17:04, 08 August 20

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Hello, so like the last time I have modified the arnold emulator to be more compatible with my needed, and give up again.   

So files are old, at least 1 year I haven't look at the code, kevin have updated his code since, but I m not using the last one.   
To resume this emulator is optimised to be played on a couch with frontend, so just with the joystick I can for exemple   
- Change disk.   
- Switch plus mode.   
- Use a button for jump instead of Up.   
- Use some shorcut like space/return.   
- Realy basic virtual keybord.   
- Manage snaps.   

This code work only on windows, tested on Win7 and win10, it have a fake fullscreen mode.   
To try it, if I m right you will have the executable below, and the code here  (sorry more than 4M, perhaps possible with some cleaning)   


I had missed this one... sounds really promising for its intended purpose. Any updates?


No this time, will be the last one.

I think Arnoldemu have stopped the developpement of his library. Even I have missed the last version, I don't think it will make a big difference if I update the core with it.

And for the moment I realy don't have enought time, to update the "old school code" used in the main application.
Time for me to update the code I think I will found the missing features for that I did this emulator (full couch support) on other ones.


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