GX4000 controller key mapping

Started by bobmoo79, 16:08, 13 January 16

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Hi, apologies if this has been covered before but I had a quick skim through some of the topics here and didn't find the answer I was looking for....

I have an arcade system running emulators for various systems and have just added WinApe to run GX4000 through the 'HyperSpin' front end, but I have a query on WinApe key mapping.

My arcade controls use a keyboard encoder to produce keycodes from my digital joystick and button inputs as if a keyboard was connected to the system.

My current hardware mappings are:

P1 joystick up = up arrow
P1 joystick down = down arrow
P1 joystick left = left arrow
P1 joystick right = right arrow
P1 Fire 1 = Left Ctrl
P1 Fire 2 = Left Alt
P1 Fire 3 = Space

P2 joystick up = R
P2 joystick down = F
P2 joystick left = D
P2 joystick right = G
P2 Fire 1 = A
P2 Fire 2 = S
P2 Fire 3 = Q

I figured out the P1 keys in Winape (Numpad 8,2,4,6,5,.,+) and had a quick play with the WinApe input mapper but didn't see how to map the P1 direction keys (Numpad 8,2,4,6) to my the arrow keys so mapped them in AutoHotKey instead, and this seems to work well.

So when I press P1 joystick Up, my arcade hardware thinks I pressed the up arrow key (because of the encoder) and then AutoHotKey converts that so that WinApe thinks I have pressed NumPad8.

I haven't yet figured out the default keys for player 2 though so can't yet apply the same process to P2 and because I want to keep things consistent it would be nice if I could.

Can anybody tell me what WinApe is expecting as the inputs for P2??

Many thanks.



Joystick2 is part of keyboard line 6, so:

P2 joystick up = 6
P2 joystick down = 5
P2 joystick left = R
P2 joystick right = T
P2 Fire 1 = G
P2 Fire 2 = F
P2 Fire 3 = B


Thanks for your help Urusergi!  :D
I'll try these tonight when I get home.......

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