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Mass Storage in emulators?

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I got it sorted. Caprice (my weapon of choice) supports X-Mass and once I figured out the (somewhat) unintuitive method of creating a file, I managed to get it working just fine.


--- Quote from: Devlin on 20:56, 09 October 21 ---Do any of the current emulator maintainers have plans to implement some form of mass storage feature?

--- End quote ---
ACE CPC Emulator emulates most popular mass storage devices (thanks to its plugin interface):

* Albireo (ch376 only),
* X-Mass (based on the code from Fredouille),
* M4 Board (not released yet).Source code is available (for instance, Oricutron, the ORIC emulator, already shares the same ch376 emulation than ACE for USB Mass Storage support).

Regarding M4 emulation from CPCemu, I noticed that it is not that accurate (it fails with M4 UniDOS node), but Rainer is already aware of it and I guess that an update might be available shortly.


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