Started by zhulien, 20:12, 27 October 09

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looking at the minimig on the net, there is a few suggestions that a CPC core exists, but information on it seems very little... does anyone know if this is true? i have a t-rex at the moment, but i think the minimig given the larger user interest (mainly from amiga community) and given it has proper case etc available looks like a good option to have something close to a dedicated cpc as possible with good modern reliable hardware...


Oh, wow, I didn't know about minimig... it tempts me bad!!!

I looked around, didn't find anything about a CPC core unfortunately... but, would it really make a difference over T-rex?

Btw, can you up a photo or two of your t-rex setup? :)

PS Hmmm we don't have a t-rex article... if you contribute a pic, I'll write one up!


I never heard about a CPC core for the minimig, but why not ask tobiflexx directly via email?

I have both a T-Rex and a C-One. With the new Expander the C-One can also run a minimig core and it still has a CPC core. So maybe this has led to confusion? Maybe there actually is a CPC core for the minimig board. If not, the "C-One minimig" is probably the cause of the confusion.


My T-Rex:

>inserting img fails to show the image for some reason?

If anyone has info on the C-One or minimig and CPC I'd also be very interested to know more....

(am using Google Chrome 3.0)


Lovely! What do you load from?


Just had a quick look at the C-One site:

and in the downloads it does mention "Minimig core" but if its just c64 one or? i donno.


Btw, how does the minimig compare at €138 versus the €333 that C-One costs? And where can you get a TREX board?


I bought my terasIC T-Rex C1 board direct from www.terasic.com about 2/3years ago.... I noticed they no longer sell that actual board, they suggest an Altera DE1 which does look to be about the same price in $$$$


The questions I have:
- Is a TRex / minimig a full CPC replacement?
- are ALL programs, demos, games fully working in it?
- Is the CPC emulated or is it a real hardware?
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Hm, the Altera is $150 - around €100, which is tempting... but is it 100% compatible with TREX?

@Markus: not 100%, AFAIK compatibility is not 100% perfect, and it's only 6128-level emulation, not PLUS. Of course, since it's a software computer it may be updated... And of course it's hardware that emulates via software :D I don't think I get your question - it's just another computer that runs, at a native level so to speak, a CPC...

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