Author Topic: New stable version ZEsarUX 4.2  (Read 1544 times)

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New stable version ZEsarUX 4.2
« on: 00:29, 06 December 16 »
Hi everyone!

I have uploaded a new stable version of ZEsarUX emulator, version 4.2.

You can download it from:

Changes are:

Added machine Spectrum 48k Spanish
Added machine Pentagon 128
Added .ay file player for Spectrum and CPC files
Added AY Piano menu to view notes
Added Turbosound emulation
Added ZX Dandanator! Mini emulation
Added Superupgrade emulation
Added experimental 8-bit simple IDE emulation
Added Z88 Hybdrid (RAM+Eprom) Card support
Added print char traps for TBBlue, CPC464, Sam Coupe
Added three new Prism video modes: 256x128, 128x128, both at 256 colours, and 4 plane 256 colour mode clashless
Added Sam Coupe GUI Style
Added Sam Coupe curses, stdout, simpletext video drivers
Added Setting to disable colours (set to black & white) on Spectrum
Added Setting to disable loading tape sound
Added setting to change DivIDE/DivMMC RAM
Added tape browser
Added Z88 generic card browser
Added Z88 card browser when copying from eprom/flash card
Fixed bug reading ports 2ffd and 3ffd and crashes running +2A/+3 ROMS with real video enabled
Fixed Z80 cold start registers
Fixed Z88 bug when smart loading all slots were ejected
Fixed handling symbols (.  , : / - + < > = ' ( ) ") on menu for machines: Z88, CPC, Sam Coupe
Fixed enabling some memory and debug interfaces, so you can enable and disable them in any order you want
Fixed divmmcide were disabled when doing smartload
Fixed drawing of some menu items that refresh continuously: waveform, ay registers, cpu stats, debug cpu, visualmem
Fixed ZXpand emulation on ZX80
Improved menu. Now all settings are on a separate "Settings" menu
Improved debugger:
*Individual breakpoints can be disabled
*Breakpoints are fired by default when condition changes from false to true. And they are only fired again when condition changes from true to false and false to true
Improved scanlines drawing. Some demos with display page change (RAM 5&7) on a scanline run perfect
Improved windows with text content. Now a progress symbol (*) is shown
Improved floating bus value
Updated Z88 OZ V4.6.2
Updated ZXUno Flash and MMC image to the crowdfunding ones. MMC image now is called "zxuno.mmc"
Updated TBBlue emulation to use new I/O ports
Some other minor bugfixes and improvements

I hope you like it :)


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Re: New stable version ZEsarUX 4.2
« Reply #1 on: 16:24, 09 December 16 »
Thanks for the update :) I really like this emulator, soooo... here's hoping for some 6128 love! :)

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Re: New stable version ZEsarUX 4.2
« Reply #2 on: 12:54, 30 June 18 »
New version 7.0 available on the new repository :
Amstrad news site at Genesis8 Amstrad Page

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Re: New stable version ZEsarUX 4.2
« Reply #3 on: 15:57, 30 June 18 »
When you write:
It's a ZX Machines Emulator for Unix, including all the Sinclair computers:

* ZX81
* ZX Spectrum
* QT

And also:

* Amstrad CPC 464
Does this mean CPC 464 only, or also CPC 664/6128 and CPC+ ?

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Re: New stable version ZEsarUX 4.2
« Reply #4 on: 16:50, 05 July 18 »
From the repository it looks like 464 only, but this emulator iterates so quickly that I'm sure that won't last. Especially given that it was originally a Spectrum emulator and the FDC is shared with the +3.

Specifically: there is a cpc464.rom but no other cpc ROMs; cpc.c doesn't have any #includes that look like FDC references, and does not contain anywhere the text 'disk', 'disc', 'fdc', '8272' or '765'. However it does have a level of indirection on memory accesses so surely some thought has gone into the 6128?

That's just from looking at it in my browser, using the search tools provided by GitHub, and without any prior knowledge of the codebase. So apply due scepticism.