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ZEsarUX 6.0 stable

Started by chernandezba, 12:36, 01 December 17

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ZEsarUX 6.0 stable is out! This is a major version, it includes some new machines and a lot of new features and bug fixes :)

You can download it from the usual URL:

I hope you like it!


Version 6.0. 27 November 2017 - Gunfright edition

Added machine ZX-Evolution TS-Conf
Added machine Chrome (Italian ZX Spectrum Clone)
Added machine MK14
Added lots of new ZEsarUX remote commands (ZRCP). See ZRCP help to know them
Added Visualmem, Poke, Find, Save binary menus also for Sinclair QL
Added QL GUI Style
Added setting to test configuration
Added menu to find and set lives in games
Added menu to view color palettes
Added actions commands to breakpoints, so you can run some actions when a breakpoint is fired
Added up to three AY Chips
Added emulation of other DAC chips appart from Specdrum: Covox, etc
Added Antonio Villena's "Kartusho" cartridge interface
Added quicksave function
Added setting to set 256kb or 512kb on Spectrum 128k machines
Added setting to set F keys (F1, F2, etc) to run different actions: reset, nmi, exit emulator, etc
Added TBBlue features: Sprite chip, Layer2, RTC clock for esxdos, 2 MB RAM, new 8kb block MMU, 9-bit palette, lores mode, layer priorities, partial Next Z80 opcodes (see extras/docs/tbblue/new_opcodes.txt to know which are emulated)
Added ZX-Uno features: Radasoffset and Radaspadding registers, to do hardware scrolling
Added ESXDOS handler so file operations can be done with files stored on your computer hard disk, and not only on virtual mmc/ide files. Examples can be found on extras/media/spectrum/esxdos_handler/. "Classic" mmc/ide emulation by using virtual mmc/ide files can also be used
Added feature "memory zone" to ZRCP and all menus that inspect memory (debug, disassemble, sprites etc): now you can look at all memory zones, for example: full 128kb ram, 64kb rom of +2A, divmmc ram, etc
Added file utils menu, to view files, delete, truncate, etc
Added boot logo
Added setting to allow to load a .sna snapshot file without changing the current machine type
Added setting to allow to truncate a tape file when selecting it as tape out file

Moved folders: docs, media, snap_tests to a "ZEsarUX-extras" package. These folders have been separated from the emulator main distributed file, and the main download have been reduced to 5 MB aprox. The git repository still holds all the files (extras have been moved to folder "extras"), but maybe in the future I will remove them also from the repo.
Moved mmc/ide files location to extras/media/disk_images folder

Improved menu interface:
*menu gui is zoomed when running following machines: QL, TSConf, CPC, Prism, Sam
*menu movement with mouse
*colours are greyscaled when multitask disabled
*allow blinking text, like the input cursor (needs multitask on)
*new splash window type which disappears automatically (needs multitask on). Used only on change memory zones from debug cpu menu, but it will be used on more places probably

Improved debugger:
*you can now set conditions for all flags, written as: FS,FZ,FP,FV,FH,FN,FC
*now you can set breakpoints from command line/config file but not enabled by default. You need --enable-breakpoints setting
*now the multitask setting is not lost when a breakpoint is fired
*now you can repeat last command by pressing enter on ZRCP (requires enabling a debug-setting)

Improved QL emulation: experimental support of LBYTES command, added QL root directory selector for mdv1, mdv2, flp1
Improved Sprite Viewer: Save sprite, TBBlue sprite viewer, inverse sprite, set bpp (8,4,2,1), set palette
Improved stdout driver. Now can show ansi colours
Improved messages windows. Can now find text using f and n
Improved footer. Host CPU % usage on footer is not enabled by default to avoid confussion with emulated CPU speed. You can enable it with a setting. Host CPU % usage is not shown on Windows.
Improved Visual Mem:
*showing also read memory and opcode execution visual mem
*it has a counter (0-255) to see how many times an address has been read/executed
*menu draws different values as red tones, with a configurable bright

Fixed turbo mode and breakpoints. Breakpoints were disabled when changing turbo mode
Fixed latency problems on all audio drivers
Fixed AY sound bugs when volume levels where > 15
Fixed Windows pthreads version
Fixed TBBlue reset i/o ports when reset and hard reset
Fixed Windows freeze issues when doing cpu-step on ZRCP

Updated TBBlue boot loader

Some other minor bugfixes and improvements



I quite like this emulator. All-in-one package and working great as far as I can see. I enjoy the menus even though I'd probably prefer buttons, usability-wise. I just wish there were sizes between too-small-for-my-2K-screen and humongous :D

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