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Play games from cpcgamereviews website directly with JavaCPC


Hi together,

today I was playing around with JavaCPC codes and implemented a "cpcgamereviews" browser.

It opens in a seperate window. When you click on a game, JavaCPC loads the file directly from FTP server.

Other links like "Home" or "More information on TACGR" are disabled.

You can check this feature here:

Please notice:
- Loading a game from FTP takes some time (sometimes up to 30 seconds)
- When Nich Champbell does not like useage of his website for launching CPC games, please let me know, and I will remove this feature.
- While loading a game, the CPC-screen "freezes" but will react again, when game has completely loaded
- If a ZIP contains more than 1 DSK, you can choose the right one you want to load
- A DSK is not autoloading! Use CAT and RUN"" / |CPM like with other DSK, too.
- Have fun!


I just changed the emulator.
You can find now CPCGamereviews-games and also more games in menu -> Extras!

Click on a website of your choice.
(Fastest website is! It seems to contain all NVG games (Or Good CPC files?))

Have fun!

For all of you, who don't know, what I am talking about: here is a small video:

This demonstrates the game loading...

This is really nifty, and you pulled it off quite nicely, but I was wondering: why? :D I mean, the entire CPC archive is small enough to hold on your server...!


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