Potential WinAPE issue with SNA command line loading?

Started by ronaldo, 14:33, 18 August 18

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During some tests with SNA loading from command line in WinAPE, we have found this potential issue (See SNA and CPCtelera project with sources attached):

  • If you run WinAPE normally, wait untill it boots up and shows firmware messages, and then press F5 and load the SNA, it works as expected.
  • If you run WinAPE from command line, adding /SN:snapshot, the snapshot loads and runs, but an odd thing happens:

  • During some initial seconds (don't know how many, but 5-6 more or less), some keypresses are detected by key scan routines. In some cases, this keypresses affect the running software, when this software expects them.
After some debugging and digging, I have come to the conclusion that these keypresses seem like some sort of initialization routine from the emulator. Seem like simulated keypresses to produce DSK autoload or something similar. I may be totally wrong: it is just an educated guess.
@Executioner, could you please have a look at it?
I'm using WinAPE 2.0 beta 2.


Profe mirate esto:
Yo lo he probado con un WinAPe a parte y me ha funcionado, cuidado con la ruta, si es muy larga no funciona, al igual que un DSK, el CPC se pone a escribir la ruta completa, y como no le entra lanza un error.

English people.
Take a look to this,


Be carefull with the path to the file, too much longer launch an error. :P . (Sorry for my bad english)

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