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I downloaded WinAPE and it seems to work fine, but is there an emulator which is currently considered to be the best for Windows 10?

Ideally I would look into this in detail myself, but I'm in a bit of a rush with this and other things... I hope to find some time to browse the wiki and the forum soon though.

I vaguely remember using Caprice, many years ago.

Thanks in advance.

This is my favourite:

I can't tell you about "the best", although I think RVM2 emulation is pretty good (?).

WinAPE also emulates the plus range; should be OK in Windows 10?

I use a mix of 2 emulators.

I really do enjoy RVM with its shader-based rendition that simulates a TV monitor, and which also features a good overall emulation quality.

In parallel, I still use WinAPE for development / debugging, because I did not see a better emulator on PC yet for that purpose.

The very best emulator of Amstrad machines (in term of emulation accuracy) remains ACE from @OffseT ; unfortunately it only runs on AmigaOS / Haiku for now, so only few people can use it.

WinApe is great.
I also quite like CPCEC

CPCEC from CngSoft is lightweight and had several huge improvements lately

also CPCEmuPower from Megachur is accurate and very easy to use
Both emulators are able to emulate CPC and Plus models
And looking forward new sugarbox version (multi-OS, debug interface with Visual Studio Code)


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