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Registry patch for WinCPC
« on: 19:18, 09 October 10 »
Hello folks,
do you love the "annoying" registry changes done by WinCPC?
Well, I don't like them much.
Also the icon stealing thing is really annoying.

I wrote a tool to patch WinCPC v. 0.9.26 - build 4102

Its really simple to use, does not harm your system and also the patch is removable.

Simply put my WinCPCPatch.exe into the same folder, where WinCPC.exe is located.
Then launch it and patch the emu ;-)

(It does not remove already changed registry settings done by WinCPC but it avoids WinCPC to create the same entries without asking you)

Download here:

Have fun!

(And sorry, Flynn, your emu is great, but these registry changes are really annoying)
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Re: Registry patch for WinCPC
« Reply #1 on: 22:16, 09 October 10 »
Horray !!!!!  ;D
Thanks, Markus. This let me use and test the emu now. I don't use since years because the icons stealing. Great job !!
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Re: Registry patch for WinCPC
« Reply #2 on: 10:38, 11 October 10 »
Well... I think it only does that at installation, not at every run??

Do you have any other nice dsk icons we could use? *That* would be a more useful hack, inserting a better icon into WinCPC :)
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