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Retro Virtual Machine v2.0.beta-1.r0 Released for Windows / Linux / MacOs

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Runs brilliantly well for me on Arch Linux.

Couple of thoughts after a quick test:
Zip support would be nice.  Most of my software is zipped (so I know the images won't change)
Mapping the joystick inputs to keyboard would also be useful (because I'm too lazy to get a gamepad/stick to plug in).

Very good been having a play with it today, works well.  Does it support joystick emulation?  Look forward to plus support.  Will it run on Raspberry Pi?


--- Quote from: jcgamestoy on 23:14, 22 December 18 ---
Not yet, the goal of the Beta-2 will be the cpc plus and all the crtc models (now it only emulates the crtc0)

--- End quote ---

Will you add an option to emulate the joystick with the keyboard?? And also the posibility of map the buttons?? That would be really good (like capricenforever does)

HelloIt do not work on my machine.Ubuntu 18.10/nviudia drivers 390.87 for Quadro M2200The monitor stays black

Ahhh been waiting for this :)

Looks great and it's obvious that so much wok has gone into it!

I second the argument for zip support, but also, I must be going stupid because I can't figure out how to load a disk? I mean I've switched the drive on, have inserted a disk, and then...? I always get "disk missing"...

Thanks for the great Xmas gift! :)


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