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ACE for Haiku

Started by PulkoMandy, 23:19, 13 November 17

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Sykobee (Briggsy)

Haiku has an AREXX subsystem?


Yes, I use bebrexx which is generally compatible with AREXX. However, I think no other application uses it.

Haiku also has a native scripting system that is similar but not compatible. Maybe I will add support for it later, but for the initial versions of ACE I try to stay close to the MorphOS version as much as possible, so it's easier for me to integrate the changes from new versions when they become available.



ACE 1.24.0 for Haiku is now available at  :D

Changes in this version:

  • Added a filter to improve audio output quality (using fresample.library).
  • Added new features in plugin API (v6 API).
  • Added a plugin to emulate the Multiface Two from Romantic Robot.
  • Added a new window to show the internal keyboard matrix.
  • Improved PSG noise emulation (thanks to Zik and Targhan).
  • Improved mice and joyticks plugins.
  • Fixed a crash when loading invalid snapshots.
  • Minor fixes in GUI.
It also fixes a crash when opening the Joysticks window.



ACE 1.25.0 Haiku version is now available for download! This means the Haiku version is finally up to date with the MorphOS version!

I still have a bit of work to do to fix some known bugs (UI glitches, mainly), port all the extra plugins, add screenshots to the website, etc. But I am happy to finally have an up to date version of ACE available  :D :D :D

Let me know if you can find any bugs :)


Félicitations ! 8) 
Et bon courage pour les plugins, y'en a beaucoup. :P

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