RetroArch / Caprice32 - much too slow on Raspberry and Fire TV cube

Started by eto, 11:08, 11 November 21

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I installed Retroarch on a new Fire TV Cube and wanted this to be my machine for retro games incl. Amstrad games. I thought this would be a great fit as Caprice does support CPR and I don't want to be forced to use a keyboard. However, the games are unplayable, running MUCH too slow.

I experienced the same on my arcade cabinet on a Raspberry 3 but there I thought it's related to the screen rotation and maybe the much slower Raspi3. But now I see that even on a much faster machine, it's the same. It can't be the platform as the Fire can emulate even Dreamcast...

So I am not sure, if that's just the case and RetroArch/Caprice is (on ARM) simply not capable of emulating a CPC, or if I am doing something wrong... any help is appreciated.


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The CapriceRPI should work fine at an RPI1 (but with limitations, 320x240 display, etc), RPI2 should work fine with hi-res.

But also it must work under DISPMANX gpu driver, because it's fine for SDL 1. But Raspbian is moving onto KMSDRM so be sure you have the old legacy video driver selected at raspi-config

Latest version of Caprice into RetroArch is great, but the adition of the Plus range has some impact.

On the other hand, give a try to CapriceRPI autorun feature, and the virtual keyboard is of some help.

Hope I can migrate CapriceRPI to SDL2 to support RPI4 boards and don't break with RPI1

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