Winape32 CPC+ incompatibilities

Started by Optimus, 12:41, 24 June 14

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I was working on a minigame for a competition on Winape32 and submitted.
Then today I realized it freezes on real CPC+

Well, I found the mistake (that Winape32 doesn't emulate but surprisingly Arnold does)
I should have not put the SP to &7fff as I am paging the ASIC to that memory block.
So, never put SP to where ASIC pages in.
Don't know if this have to do generally with ASIC don't like this (just put the SP on any other 16k block or page the non ASIC memory to &4000 when putting the SP there, or there were specific functions near that address that still do something (but usually the sprites and rest of the stuff are at &4000 or &6000, nothing to be found after &7000 I think?)

But yeah, another think I found today and thought I should mention in case the author of Winape32 doesn't know.
Now, is the attitude of ASIC to not let the SP in the ASIC bank at all? Or did I hit something near the end of the black that has some function?

Are there some other things to be careful in Winape32 that won't work the same way on CPC+ (besides crazy undocumented CRTC/ASIC tricks)

p.s. I will correct and upload a new version of the entry this evening, so don't try on real CPC+ yet


I think somewhere in the whats-new.rtf document supplied with WinAPE it explains that some of the ASIC memory read/writes are not exactly as in real life, I never got around to testing them all. I'm not sure if it's actually documented anywhere, but there is most likely no RAM at that address in the ASIC, and other memory areas only allow read/write of certain bits.

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