script linux to install Amstrad emulators and more retro stuff

Started by CPCBEGIN, 09:01, 02 November 20

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Script linux to install several system emulators, Amstrad computer included, retro programming tools, native games, LDraw tools to make Lego/Tente and much more, this is called...


I will add more stuff comming soon.
Retro & opensource


Very handy :)  I like the installer, too!

PS "serveral" :D


Nice. For oldtimers (like me) a simplesudo apt install mame
gives a nearly perfect emulation of the following retro machines within the same GUI:
~$ mame cpc6128   Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128
~$ mame cpc6128p  Amstrad 6128plus
~$ mame gx4000    Amstrad GX4000
~$ mame spectrum  Sinclair Spectrum 48
~$ mame spec128   Sinclair Spectrum 128
~$ mame a800xlp   Atari 800 XL
~$ mame c64p      Commodore C64
~$ mame sms1      Sega Master System  ( 8 bit)
~$ mame nes       Nintendo NES        ( 8 bit)
~$ mame megadriv  Sega Megadrive      (16 bit)
~$ mame snes      Nintendo SNES       (16 bit)

...and a lot more.


I will add more emulators like mame in near future but emulate computers with mame is not so good that other specific emulators.By the moment I add CP/M emulators, native games, educational software... 
Retro & opensource


Gryzor, thanks for reporting the bug.
I never see it in 100000 years  :laugh:
Retro & opensource

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