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Started by Longshot, 18:58, 20 October 22

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Hello All

The 1.3 version of the compendium is now available here:
English version is beeing checked by Marc.

SHAKER is currently in version 2.2 and is now composed of 3 executable modules (A, B, C).
The objective of SHAKER is to carry out extensive tests on the video circuits of the CPC.

In order to facilitate access to the results of these tests, a portal was created.

The main objective of this portal is to show the results produced by the tests of the different SHAKER modules on real machines.
(This represents approximately 1500 photos to cover all the tests for the 5 identified CRTCs.)

The data can help people working on emulator development to know the expected results when running SHAKER.
Only the 3 non-asic CRTCs are currently processed (0,1,2).

The portal also allows you to compare the results produced by some emulators with those of real machines.
The featured emulators are:
    AMSPIRIT, Version 0.687
    WINAPE, Version 2.0 Beta 3
    ACE, Version 1.22
    CPCEC, Version 2022-08-06

Thanks to
Siko for the portal.
Ced for the graphics.
Tronic for the hosting server.
Marc for compendium english checking.

DManu for the considerable work he provided on his emulator.
He has released a new version of Amspirit (0.704b):


In addition to the SHAKER emulation tests, I post the DSK of a protection that I had written in 1989, and which crashed on certain CPCs. No emulator before Amspirit had managed to make it work.

If the protection works, it launches the REVOLOG demo.

The analysis of this problem has shown that the interrupt system on CPC is not reliable between 2 machines.
As a reference, chapter 25.7.2 of compendium 1.3 describes the analysis of this subject.
(English version will be online soon)


Hey @Optimus.

Thank you for this video, which I have just discovered, which presents my work :

I too am not an expert in taking screenshots. ::)

This is why there are some tests on the portal for which there are additional zoom screens (test B7 for example).


The English version of the compendium 1.3 is available here:
Many thanks to Marc for his remarkable work.


Seems the website is down :(
Is there any link to the English version?


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