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SymbOS on CPCEmu ?

Started by SkulleateR, 01:05, 04 December 23

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Hi folks ...

Just trying to set up a copy of my productive system (6128 with M4) but I cannot get SymbOS to run on CPCEmu ... not the ROM Version, not the DSK Version. It loads with the SymbOS Screen and then goes into a black screen.

Anyone successful ? Any hints on the config (I have set up a 6128 with dktronics 512KB Ram and CRTC 1, well I tried them all to be fair) ?

Oh, using Mac M1 here (just FYI) :)


i guess that's because the M4 "emulation" is not really an M4 emulation but dedicated mapping for AMSDOS only
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Here is a screenshot...
...showing SymbOS running with CPC Emu 2.3.3 even with network support.
I should try 2.3.3 again, maybe something changed in 2.4 or 2.5 which broke SymbOS support. Or you have to change something in the configuration.
Some time ago I was writing with Rainer, who was working on another new version (with a very cool new hardware support), and he was testing this version with SymbOS as well. So I guess it is something with the configuration.



It's a pitty that the M4 emulation doesn't work properly. I have also real difficulties to set up the CPCEmu because some paths or ROMs don't work after installation or changing the cfg file anymore.
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I have gone back to 2.3.3 and tested now on MacOS ARM/Linux ARM/MacOS i5 and Win10 i5

Even with fresh installs of CPCEmu none of the SymbOS versions work  ???

Tested FastBoot DSK, MassStorage Install and ROM Install. At least FastBoot should work as it works fine on other emulators like RetroVirtualMachine for example.

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