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Started by belzebu, 16:50, 03 March 18

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Hi to all

I try to use the version 2.9b of java cpc emulatori, but it not working fine.
The output emulator not start and it freeze when i can try to close all.
I have Win 10 my JavaRE is version 8 update 161 - buld 1.8.0_161-b12

Any suggestion ?



I am running with JavaCPC 2.9.6b on my Linux Mint 64bit machine and runs flawlessly... up to a point...

The first time I ran it, the emulator, ran as it should then for no apparent reason it froze. Froze to a point that I had no choice but to physically power off my PC. Not a drama. Probably a one time event. But after it did the same thing another two times I decided to no longer use it.

I searched the emulator folder for an error log. No luck. The length of time, before my machine froze, varied from a few minutes to 20+ minutes. Each time I was playing different games and typing in listings. I am guessing the problem may be a 'memory leak'. Without a log it's just a guess.

Maybe the next version will behave differently.


ps: While the emulator was running it ran brilliantly. Sound, performance, graphics (modes 0, 1 and 2) functioned really well.
May your journey be free of incident.

Live long and prosper.

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