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Win 10 Emulator with keyboard keys as marked on a PC

Started by RobertM, 03:25, 27 August 22

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I have a CPC 6128 (not the plus) with a 3.5" Floppy drive that I don't really use as I have to find a way to copy the original CPC CP/M disks so that I can format disk as they are currently new IBM double sided format. I also have a M4 board and I can use a different CP/M but it wont copy the original CP/M system disk/files and it get to a point where it asks me to remove all disks which I can't do because it sees the SD card on the M$ as a floppy so it has to be reset. I want to have original CP/M disks as actual disks (that came with the machine originally) so I can use the CPC without the M4 board.

More importantly right now is that I want to use an emulator on Windows 10. I tried CPCEMU but the keys don't match a (US English) PC keyboard.

I'm looking for an emulator that works with windows 10 which reads the keys as they're marked on a US PC keyboard and can work with DSK files memory dump files and perhaps SNP files that I can transfer via WiFi to the real CPC 6128. I wan't to develop in both BASIC and ASM and I would much prefer to assemble ASM to HEX files or something to get them to the Amstrad.

The major problem for me is that I can't type CPC keys by positions on a PC. My brain just switches to the device I am using so on a PC I type as the keys are marked and on a CPC I type as the keys are marked and On a CPC emulator on a PC I type the keys as marked.


You should give a try to Caprice4Ever. Make sure to uncheck "Use hardware keyboard mapping", and you can use you PC keyboard with the emulator with no troubles.
Also, it comes in with PASMO Assembler, and you can dump memory files under hexa format.

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