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Winape - changes to disc image are kept in RAM only

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I just recently recognized that Winape doesn't write to a mounted DSK until I close Winape. Seems changes are only kept in RAM. Is there any way to force this every time, I save anything to disk?

I lost a lot of code changes as I always made manual backups of the DSK in between saves, but these backups turned out to be all identical, as the DSK did not get updated at all until I closed Winape. I also see a risk of losing data, because of a crash, if it's not written to the DSK before.

Not exactly ideal but you can eject the disk and re-insert it to force it to save as well.

Or use Caprice for coding. It has by far the best interface for disc management.
Press the F6 key, and you can save the actual DSK content, of course you can change the name here.

Yes, Caprice is old and other emulators can do much more, but for coding it's IMHO the best.


--- Quote from: GUNHED on 23:44, 22 June 21 ---Or use Caprice for coding.
--- End quote ---

Does it have an assembler like Winape? The assembler is quite convenient and easy for me as a newbie.

RetroVirtualMachine has some developer tools, even an assembler, and maybe it manages disks better. But, at least for me, it is not as intuitive for developing as winape, at least for now.


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