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WinApe direct access to logical drive?

Started by HAL6128, 10:14, 16 August 12

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I try to gain direct access via WinApe and SymbOS to a logical drive linked trough WinApe.
Reading the card / files work but not writing although I've checked out the "Read Only" box. Does anybody has experiences to this problem?
I can start e.g. SymbOS and read all files / folders but could not change them.
(Its a Win7 system with a 4GB CF-Card / FAT32 formatted on a USB port)
@Executioner: do you know what I can do?
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I no longer seem to be able to get any IDE devices to work with SymbOS under WinAPE. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. If I select "Not Partitioned" I get Error 05, and if I select "Partition 1" I get Error 04. I have no idea what either of these errors are.

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