Author Topic: CPCEC a new emulator from cngsoft  (Read 40352 times)

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Re: CPCEC a new emulator from cngsoft
« Reply #175 on: 10:11, 12 September 21 »
20210909 -- minor patch fixing bugs in the video render logic of ZXSEC, effectively ensuring that the multicolour effects seen in the tests ULA48, ULA128, FPGA48 and FPGA128 and the games made with the Nirvana engine ("Dreamwalker", "Multidude", "Stormfinch", "Sunbucket"...) show properly, and adding new audio extensions for CPCEC (Digiblaster audio) and ZXSEC (Covox $FB DAC) plus preliminary emulation of Pentagon 128 timings and (if the TRDOS.ROM file is available) the Beta128 disc drive and its TRD and SCL files.

Propagated to . Congrats again cngsoft for your work. ;-)
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Re: CPCEC a new emulator from cngsoft
« Reply #176 on: 02:06, 13 September 21 »
Just compiled and tested on Raspberry Pi400 64Bit, no problems, keep up the good work  8)

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Re: CPCEC a new emulator from cngsoft
« Reply #177 on: 13:38, 13 September 21 »
Using 20210626. I try to keep it updated all time. As I said in my former message, form W10 with the option unticked any saving to disc are not done, but there is no error message from AMSDOS.

EDITO: Testing a bit more, in the conf file I see fdcw set to 2, both setting it to 1 or 0 now launch dis is write protected when trying to save, If I toggle the Strict write to disc option to off (I think it already was of before, it must have changed when editing cfg file), the behaviour is the same I described upper.
Ok, I found out what happens: I linked the .dsk files to CPCEC. If I open a dsk by double clicking on it, the dsk is opened and auto executed but it doesn't admit any changes to disk. This doent's occurs when I open a dsk within the emulator through menu, in this case it works fine.