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WinApe - keyboard register issue?

Started by Xyphoe, 15:04, 25 June 09

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Hi Executioner,

I hope I can explain this well and apologies if this has been discussed before...

I'm using WinApe happily and say I've just paused a game or halfway through typing something in BASIC and I click out of WinApe with my mouse to say something like my browser or MSN, more often than not when I go back to WinApe the keyboard entry is dead and nothing registers. I find this a little annoying, as it happens both on my home and works PC (both WinXP), I have to remember to hit F7 to get the debugger window up to effectively pause, then come back and close the debugger to resume what I'm doing.

Is this something you've come across? Is there a 'fix' so-to-speak?


I'm experiencing the same problem with the keyboard. Sometime it's not responding when I come back from another app. to winape. To get the keyboard back, I have to click somewhere else (the winape's window have to lose focus) and click again on winape.

It doesn't happen very often, but it's quite annoying when it does :)


As Executioner already posted in another thread, it's a bug in focussing the window.

When this happens:
Press F12, close options window, and you should get keyboard working.
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Ahh ok thank you! That's useful to know and hopefully it'll get fixed in the next release :)

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