Author Topic: WinAPE: What is CPC_Symbols.fot?  (Read 1283 times)

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WinAPE: What is CPC_Symbols.fot?
« on: 10:18, 22 September 16 »
I have this file ("CPC_Symbols.fot") backed up as part of my configuration for WinAPE, but is it really necessary for me to keep? It seems to be updated every time WinAPE is run, but I'm thinking it's not part of the configuration files like KBD files are and of course, WinAPE.ini.

And while we're at it, what is "CPC_Symbols.ttf"? Are the two related? What is their purpose?

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Re: WinAPE: What is CPC_Symbols.fot?
« Reply #1 on: 03:49, 22 December 16 »
CPC_Symbols.fot and CPC_Symbols.ttf are the font files required to display true-type CPC Symbols in the debugger and editor. They are used so you can see characters that look something like those in the standard CPC character set in the debugger and editor windows rather than the standard Windows/PC character set.