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Emulator for Programmers
« on: 16:38, 06 July 20 »
There are quite a few good CPC emulators, and a couple are really good standouts - thinking of WinAPE and JavaCPC - but has anyone considered an emulator specifically for programmers?

Some features that would make it awesome - some current emulators partially cover some of these:

- ability to plugin external languages into the emulators so you can build into the memory from our language of choice - assuming Z80 output of course
- ability to run the programs on the emulator with graphed code coverage
- ability to tweak the code coverage (before running and after) to put in place emulated bounds checking with breakpoints, alerts etc
- ability to visualise in realtime, various memory manipulations supporting an unlimited number of windows/monitors etc
- ability to snapshot *all* and resume later so we can go to bed and continue in the morning of a debugging session, heck the ability to save and exchange entire debugging sessions as some people are smarter than me
- the ability to bit-bang the hardware that hosts the emulator (if enabled) so we can treat it as a platform alternative to the CPC
- ability to trigger hosted scripts to run from the CPC's side, eg: memory mapped or I/O mapped script triggering

The hardest part is writing the actual emulators, but the focus for most emulators has been on games and demo accuracy - which is a good thing - but with Ghz dev machines for our sub-4Mhz CPC, there is a lot we can do to make our life easier as a programmer.
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