"A View To A Kill" - Can Anyone Solve The Bomb Defuse Code Puzzle?

Started by Xyphoe, 23:47, 27 March 19

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So. "A View To A Kill" on the Amstrad is a right mess anyway. Some of you may remember my topic years ago about it (http://www.cpcwiki.eu/forum/games/'a-view-to-a-kill'-bug-anyone-completed-mines-level/) and it's bugged with giving you level codes. Putting that aside....

One thing that's always been a mystery is the bomb defuse code in the "Mines" level. It needs 5 digits. There are 7 numbers to collect around the mine (1,2,3,4,5,6,7). You have to work out the correct order of these. There are no clues in the level or from the NPC "MayDay" as to how to work it out.

It must be related to the colour of the number, and the colour of the circle around the number - that's literally your only clue.

NOW! I know the correct order is 67134 which was found from looking at the game's code in the WinApe debugger.The question is "HOW?" - how do we get from those 7 numbers to the correct sequence order, what's the puzzle here?

Here's a pic I made to help illustrate -

One thing I did notice is that it is in numeric order but starting from 6 ... but with 2 and 5 discarded.
Otherwise I'm pretty stumped. How would someone playing the game, not hacking the code, work this out??


Johnny Olsen

Load the mine level, read the text in address &7aa0


Quote from: Johnny Olsen on 03:00, 28 March 19
Load the mine level, read the text in address &7aa0
Ah yes I remember this.
The key bit there to the text is -
But we've searched all the map and can't find any clue at all :(

Johnny Olsen

According to the screenshot, you must find the bomb before you can enter the code.


Oh come on... only 2520 possibilities... It's manageable...
Brain Radioactivity


The Amstrad version levels were all out-of-order, which may be a problem, but wasn't it something you could find in the City Hall level? I have vague recollections of that from playing the Speccy release back in the day, but I never actually finished it so I may be wrong.


If you are able to finish the levels, could you maybe post a snr session going through the game ? That would help having a look.

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