"Here we go again Rubinot" game???

Started by jason9, 23:03, 17 October 17

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I've been following the splitvision page after the post about the "Here We Go Again, Rubinot!" CPC image, months ago, because it's a very interesting project to me and yesterday they unveiled the system specs, launched the video-promo and a  crowd-funding campaign. It's an update approach to the multi-screen way and I think actually it's quite stimulating ... also the sci-fi promo is a real treat... and then today they posted it... there's an 8bit tie-in game in development  from Bitzarro Games, based on the promo I guess, and it looks terrific!! WOW....


Looks amazing. Some further details?
Where can I find the c-f campaign to purchase this specific reward? Also where can I see the promo?  I'm quite curious and I must admit I' ve been quite hex by the robot rubinot after watching the teaser and following the hype they made on they're fb page...


 I could not resist, did my part and purchased a copy! :) the screenshots and graphics look really nice and I think the project deserves... also I'm always been a tape edition addict 8) .

Just hoping the camping will be successful...  ::)



 Frankly, I didn't fully get the "multi-machine" stuff about this game ( that it means no standard portings but each stage played on a different 8bit computer all with same cassette). Well, must say it's surely original and appealing. And I agree, graphic is cool for what I can see. I'm going to reserve my copy too ;-)


The campaign was pulled? Is this shelved?


As far as I know the campaign ended in December and they didn't reached the target but the project seems to be well alive and in progress. Concerning the tie-in game they recently posted a very promising screenshot from the WIP ZX level... I was quite sure someone already mentioned it before here but now I see it wasn't... anyway:

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