spider man?

Started by arnoldemu, 17:38, 22 July 17

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Is that The Amazing Spiderman and Captain America in Doctor Doom's Revenge.. or is it something else?


or is it some kind of audio cassette?
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Probably audio, with that DD logo (dolby)?


Audio cassette story I presume came free with crisps (hence the Golden Wonder logo)

Took me 10 seconds to google it... about five minutes of waiting for this site to let me log in and post this comment.

God... i went away while it was 'posting' cos it was taken a while.. i come back from toilet and i find it never posted cos it said 'a new post has appeared' and i had to resend.. hope it does this quick this time so i can go relax.
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Oh, so sorry for taking time away from your pissing break... /sarcasm

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