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[ #CPCRetroDev 2016 ] Results and videos

Started by MacDeath, 22:05, 06 November 16

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I couldn't find the proper topic already done here so...

PRO award :
1.- Outlaws
2.- Hire Hare
3.- Virus Dog

BASIC Award :
- El Reino del Color

"Gominolas" Award (musique):
- Outlaws

"Jon Ritman" Award (technologie):
- Hire Hare

"Dinamic" award  (innovation):
- Outlaws

special Award "Cátedra Santander-UA":
- Hair Boy (jouabilité)
- Dragon Attack (innovation)

here are the video of the Award ceremony featuring the Oliver Twins as members of the Jury.

Again a huge batch of CPC new games ranging from small Basic modest thing to real Pro-level productions that could have been published in its time.

Again the mix of newbee students against the CPC-scene veterans here to rightly grab the cash...  :laugh:

Again thx to the organisers because this is such a great thing to have that each years.

Wish other European universities would follow the exemple.

Final results :

I for one hope Skysaga will soon be finalised, not just in Alpha phase.


Also a personnal homage to those dudes.
:D :D

:picard: :picard:


One of them looks the Angel and the other has the Devil Horns  :D The one on the right must be the evil twin .(Hands coming out of his head look like horns)

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