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[new game] Le Voyage de Nephi

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This looks very cool!
@MacDeath; Where have you been hiding?

Impressive indeed...


--- Quote from: SkulleateR on 00:12, 23 June 21 ---Btw, works on M4, but not on CPC 464 since Basic 1.1 is used .... Already tried to work around that but there are some peeks and pokes that are 6128 related I guess :(

--- End quote ---

just a quick addition : Of course it works on 464 (64kb) but only with Basic 1.1 rom ;)

Mac can you put the new download link which is on your first post ?


--- Quote from: sigh on 00:23, 23 June 21 ---Where have you been hiding?
--- End quote ---
my time is occupied by Archery and I lurk a bit more on facebook than at forums these days... *shameful*

--- Quote ---Mac can you put the new download link
--- End quote ---


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