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[new game] Le Voyage de Nephi

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A new game was released.

Le Voyage de Nephi
Nephi's Journey (or something similar)

A Labyrinth / dungeon basher adventure game.

The game is impressive condidering it was coded in Basic...  :o
Seems to run on CPC6128, not sure it would run on Locomotive Basic 1.0 or with 64k RAM only... need to check.

The graphics are awesome despite they use only 3 colours in Mode1 (4th ink used for some effect)

I created a CPCwiki page for it.

Else it can be downloaded for free at author's page (he also create miniatures and comic books)

Link to download the game's DSK :

*Post edit* new download link :

The game supports a lot of different languages...  French, English, German, Spanish, Portugesh and Italian.

Have fun guys, if you see bugs, don't hesitate to report them so the author may patch up.

Also don't hesitate to include it to review or database websites or review it on videos.


I was playing a bit the first version that came out that was only in French.

There's a vid, too:

That's in BASIC? So, so nice!!

Haha damn you @XeNoMoRPH :D

Btw, works on M4, but not on CPC 464 since Basic 1.1 is used .... Already tried to work around that but there are some peeks and pokes that are 6128 related I guess :(


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