Text based Adventure Games for Adults

Started by ComSoft6128, 16:00, 05 September 18

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Might be that "missing" is the word missing from that title ;D


"Games for adults" are useless for all of us who never grew up....


Phillip Ramsey was a really active member of the Amstrad homebrew text adventure scene back in the late 80s and 90s. Not only was he an adventurer author, he also playtested and help convert games, and reviewed adventures for many of the magazines and fanzines of the time. There are loads of his reviews on sites like CPC Rulez, of games that would otherwise be undocumented.

He was a nice chap but definitely had very firm views on adventure games. As an author, he didn't like people sharing solutions for his adventures in fanzines, preferring instead that players tried themselves without help after which he'd be only more than happy to give them some pointers. He didn't like the idea of spending hours creating a game's puzzles just to have the solutions given away.

Talking of adventures for adults... or more accurately... adventures that are *only* for adults, Simon Avery also wrote some games for the Amstrad aimed at a similar target audience.
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