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1998 interview with Dave Rogers

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While looking for info on Cybernoid I ran across this:

"Everything revolved around the CPC, with the ST and Speccy getting it all second-hand as it were, which I reckon is only fair and befitting of their status as lesser computers  :) "

Happy reading :)

Thanks for sharing that interview.

I would not say Dave Rogers is my preferred musician on Amstrad CPC, but I definitively enjoyed his work.

I especially like how his musics "break" the main theme of the music from times to times, quite unique I would say (Stormlord, Cybernoid, etc). Plus, it always sounded to me like a metal band trying to do some electronic music :) 

Damn, corporate firewall blocks the site... can someone paste it somewhere else, maybe pastebin? :)

Hi @Gryzor ,

After posting the link last night I later found this via Google but not thru the Forum search function?
Unfortunately when I try the link to TACGR it just leads to a blank page ::)

Ah nice, thanks :)

It's only normal that the forum search function didn't find it, the wiki has a separate database :)


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