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  1. USIfAC ii Direct Load games
  2. Converted GX4000 .cpr - The topic (repository link in first post)
  3. The XIII Emperor Gamebook - Updates (edited title)
  4. Team Moritz presents Moritz, The Striker
  5. Toki conversion for CPC [ WIP ]
  6. Quick question on Renegade/Target Renegade graphics
  7. Infocom CPM games
  8. Mighty Street figher - CPC [Wip]
  9. Open Tower Defense is out!
  10. BUDRUMI! new text adventure game!
  11. AGD ZX Spectrum Ports
  12. Galactic Tomb is done !!!
  13. Adventure Solutions Infocom
  14. How about making a "CLASSIC" & "WORTH TO PLAY" collection of Amstrad Games?
  15. Adding music and sound efects to my basic game
  16. IK+ Animation Frames (How many?)
  17. My game book, first screenshots, on an emulated green monitor
  18. Hibernated - text adventure for the CPC (and much more!)
  19. Playing games with the monochromoe monitor
  20. Operation Colossus text adventure by Michael Osbourne
  21. Rigor Mortis by Odiesoft/Rex
  22. striderblade
  23. Everything looks better in scanlines!
  24. Ping pong Amstrad game
  25. Time Machine Bugs
  26. Enter the contest for the best CPC players
  27. Hypothetical Evercade Amstrad cartridge
  28. Games developers who contributed type-in programs to magazines
  29. Ghosts'n Goblins for Amstrad PLUS 128K [PREVIEW]
  30. Suck Hunt 3D - Stereoscopic 3D B-Movie Action!
  31. Who Ate Rudy's Sandwich? [Game + Video Tutorial]
  32. Target Renegade (cracked version)
  33. Best EVER Amstrad CPC Games
  34. Best source for game info/games
  35. Crownland conversion from Atari
  36. Torrent with the most complete list?
  37. Worst Ever Amstrad CPC Games
  38. Gamebase CPC V33 happening soon
  39. Interviews from RetroGamer
  40. Scramble - New game for Amstrad CPC
  41. Shadows of Death : Amstrad CPC Game Project !
  42. C64 Adventure Conversion -> "Old West"
  43. New Gomoku Game
  44. Balrog, The (1987): Need Some Help
  45. Corona Zombies
  46. Puzzle Bobble CPC Version???
  47. The Curse Of Rabenstein
  48. New Conversion: TOWER Adventure
  49. [CONVERSION] Adventure -> Orb of Morteus
  50. Mabus Mania
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