Perhaps a new Project : A Day In the Life

Started by MacDeath, 15:19, 18 January 12

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This simple maze game looks quite fun.

there a walkthrough...

And I simply love the concept.

This could be a sweet little game on Amstrad CPC, featuring Sir Alan instead of Sir Clive
(this sounds like Monthy Pythons Holy Grail, lol) in their quest through the 'harsh) corporate life.

Does anyone one of you would be interested in coding this ?

As it is quite a sim^ple game concept, I think coding it in C could even work and be simpler than a full Assembly code... perhaps not.

=As usual I would want this to run on a PLUS of course, so Allan sugars face could be done in Hardsprite awesomness (or monstruousity...)

=Sir Clive would make some appearance as an evil "boss" for some though levels (featuring Lady Angie "Bownerness" too).

=Some french crocodiles too may make some guest starring...

=Oh, and a sweet voice sample such as "you're fired" should be expected.

Some (many) gameplay or display details should be modernised too, multiloading with more graphic contents.

But first serious question...

should it be Mode1 or Mode0 ? (a mode2 could be nice to get it into a PCW version, but...)...

Considering the simplicity of such game, perhaps even a mode5 could be achived (this would then need more assembly I guess and thight code and timings) so it could be more like irregular and large attribute based...

This could prouve a real challenge to indeed.

but as usual, Talking don't create released games.

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