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Alien Syndrome (CPC), what a load of WACK!

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Having a quick go of this, I don't really understand why anyone would be leaping to the defence of this 'game', it plays appallingly.  It has a terrible frame rate at 5-7 fps with frequent brief 'pauses' while scrolling, what appears to be wildly inconsistent collision detection, a tiny play area with scrolling still only activating as you approach an edge, what in my view are bland graphics with a really poor player sprite, and then there's a couple of bugs in there as well.  It's everything you could hope for from an exceptionally poor arcade conversion on the CPC.

I'm getting the sense that Axelay didn't like this game

 :laugh:  It's nothing to how I'd feel about the game if I'd actually bought it, especially as I tried to buy games on disk as much as possible so it would probably have been $Au40-45.

Oh that note, I must have been a lucky son since I don't remember buying any originals that I didn't like. Or maybe I convinced myself to like them😀


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