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Can I download an archive with all the games/software from somewhere?


any  some  torrent here :

I'm just new to the forum.  Can I ask where the downloads link is?

Hello Wonderboy!

Since there didn't seem to be much interest in it I removed the section altogether... Too hard to maintain.

Hey there,I'm the creator of GBCPC and wanted to let everybody know that I am still working on it. I have been focusing on improving the database and rescanning / redumping everything (and add new software, of course - Right now, there are 3187 unique entries...).
As it stands I am almost ready to publish, although as per usual with me, I am dragging my feet and find a plethora of good excuses to push back the release.Obviously I'll let everybody know when things are finally moving, but I have been thinking of a release since this summer, so with some luck it should happen soon(ish).Cheers,


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