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All games now downloadable from the Wiki!

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I've just finished uploading all the games present in the GBCPC collection to the forum. You can access them through the Downloads tab up there.

Lots of work needs to be done, first and foremost create subcategories, and then create and populate custom fields (publisher, year etc...). If anyone wants/can help, let me know so I can give you admin rights over the downloads section.

Thanks -and enjoy!

you've gotta be kidding me? rebelstar SIDE B? i have been looking for this for YEARS! was going to ask my parents to get the old tapes out the loft and buy a walkman - do you think they will have survived up there since 1994ish?

Hahaha! Great first post - welcome, mate! :D
If they're stored in a dry place then no reason they should not work. We've all got tapes from 1984 working perfectly...

good to know. was worried they could lose their magnetism.

on that point, we are due some large Carrington flares in our lifetime. if all computers are wiped out i want the files on CD ready for when emulators are made on next century's computers - if we all survive the nuclear meltdowns ;)

Didn't they put a collection of GameBase DVDs on that intestellar spaceship? Voyager III or something?


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