Author Topic: Amstrad Action issue 4 cover tape  (Read 7895 times)

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Re: Amstrad Action issue 4 cover tape
« Reply #25 on: 19:33, 01 February 21 »
Me too....
And amusingly I actually remember playing those games over xmas '85....
I have 2 or 3 copies (accumulated over time), so I'm not sure it is rare... if it is then that is 'cos I'm hording too many copies :)
I do recall that the tape itself was just cello-taped to the front of the magazine, it was not in a case.
What quite often happened was that when removing from the magazine, the cello-tape would tear the magazine and would often remove the paper/print from the tape itself...

I don't suppose you still have them and fancy selling one do you? I'm trying to complete a collection!
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