Amstrad CPC. Scapeghost by 'Level 9 Computing'

Started by ComSoft6128, 08:14, 29 May 22

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Using the solution provided by, this video is a partial walk-thru (sprint-thru!) of part one of this large three part text adventure game, released for the CPC and other home computers in 1989.
664 & 6128 owners were at a distinct advantage as they had in-game access to all of the 28 impressive screens stored on side B of the disc.
Six of the screens can be seen at:  2:26, 3:15, 3:47, 5:36, 8:15 & 9:21

In-game the screens can be moved vertically by using the F2 or F8 keys - a nice touch that comes in handy when you can't remember your last few moves!

I've added a "cold wind" soundtrack to the video so adjust the sound level to suit or if you wish to experience the game in its original form - hit the mute.

From the manual:
"It´s not easy being a ghost; betrayed to a criminal gang and falsely blamed for your own death when they escape with a hostage. Reincarnated in your old haunts, you have just three nights to clear your name. But with your detective skills and new psychic powers, a spirited revenge is a dead cert. The gangsters haven´t the ghost of a chance!"

"A departure from Level 9's usual fare..
Police officer Alan Chance was killed in the line of duty, but has now returned as a ghost - and must solve the crime which cost him his life.
In the first part, you must befriend ghosts and build up your spectral strength, in the second part, you need to start the process of dealing with the crooks that killed you and in the final part, you must escape your exorcism in order for a final confrontation with the crooks, solve the case, rescue your kidnapped partner and clear your name."

"The game uses the Multi-Mode technique which allows to mix graphics modes.
The background is in MODE 0 and the dialogue area is in MODE 1.
The color palette is 16 colors (MODE 1 using the first 4 inks of MODE 0)"

Amstrad Computer User review (at CPCRULEZ):


Nich Campbell @ CPC Game Reviews:



Not emulated - original hardware and software.
Please note that  the aspect ratio for this YouTube video is 16:9 but the CPC monitor
has an aspect ratio of 4:3 so you may wish to adjust your viewing device accordingly.


Been wanting to play this for ages... Pretty intriguing plot! 


I've only looked at the first part and in an earlier attempt had opened the lock described at the end of the video - there is a real sense of achievement when interacting with the "physical" world. But.......a big BUT.......I wouldn't have had a clue without the solution that someone has kindly posted. So if you do play it, keep the solution at hand, you may (guaranteed!) need it.


It was an interesting team behind the design of this one too...

Peter Gerrard, brother of Mike, and author of books like "Exploring Adventures on the.." and "The Adventurer's Companion"; games like The Odyssey and Duckworth's release of Colossal Cave Adventure; published articles and editorial work in the likes of  Commodore Computing International, Popular Computing Weekly, Commodore Horizons, and 64 Tape Computing; and regular adventure columns for Sinclair User and Dragon User..

Sandra Sharkey, who originally came up through the adventure community, founding the long-running Adventure Probe fanzine. She created the Amstrad adventure The Case of the Mixed-up Shymer which was eventually a demonstration title for the Incentive's Atari ST adventure creator (with graphics by Dicon Peeke; who also did the pictures for Scapeghost) and, like Peter, she for a time wrote the adventure column for Sinclair User.
8-Bit Adventure Gamer / - -

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