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Arno Dash

Started by pmeier, 15:50, 20 February 23

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After enhancing the Boulder Dash engine to support BD2 and BD4 features, I have ported Arno Dash!

I also added a hilarious feature: View - Hold down FIRE2 to look around the cave. In the stone age, we could just hear that there is something going on, but now you can watch awesome chain reactions!

Arno was very creative. He released 500 caves. It's hard to say where to start, because the caves are all fantastic, but you could give Arno Dash 21 and Future Dash a try. They introduce screen wrap, which I have added to my BD2 engine.

Arno uses slime, growing wall, voodoo Rockford, screen wrap and very rarely a hidden exit.

Some caves needed adaptations, but I managed to preserve the original design. They should all be beatable at least without time limit. If you find glitches etc. just tell me.

@Jean-Marie Hope you like it ;D


Huh, interesting, must give it a try! 


Thank you so much! I love Arno Dash levels : they are very well crafted, and he is very creative indeed.
I used to watch BoulderDashFan playing them on Youtube. This guy plays the game at perfection. It's quite "otherworldly".
I suspect BoulderDashfan & Arno are the same person  ::)


Quote from: Jean-Marie on 16:26, 20 February 23I used to watch BoulderDashFan playing them on Youtube.
Me, too. BoulderDashFan used krissz Online Boulder Dash to record his gameplay...

I noticed that Remake means that it's for an engine that has no line shift for screen wrap. I was surprised that all 8-bit implementations have this simple screen wrap built-in :o
My screen wrap has no line shift, so I partially cloned the Remake changes...

Definition: Line shifting border: If this is set to true, the player exiting on either side will appear one row lower or upper on the other side. (From GDash help)

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