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Started by remax, 01:10, 04 June 12

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Quote from: Bryce on 19:26, 24 December 14
Yeah, but it's probably his own site :D

Or it's the site of one of the Bollaware guys. For many years known for pixeling the biggest boobs in the CPC scene. :-)


i have just ported the remake for the little but powerful 8bit console Nec PcEngine !
it's powered with Huc 3.21, a nice C compiler
a video of the rom turning on my pce :
link of the rom :
of course, it runs with emulators (mednafen recommanded)
i hope you will enjoy to play to this great CPC game on a new hardware
if it interest the authors, i could make their deathsword128k version


You mastered head cut !!!  ;D

Ast/iMP4CT. "By the power of Grayskull, i've the power"

All friends are welcome !


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Great !

What do you think about coding Barbarian remake (with CPCTelera) on CPC, or make a Barbarian 3 in the spirit of Barbarian 1 ?


Thanks all !
I dont knew cpctelera, it looks interesting !
I will have a look at this.
See ya


after the genesis and pcengine, i have ported the remake on atari jaguar  :D
in basic, with the powerful compiler Raptor Basic +
i'm proud of this version because it's the most faithful of the original
i hope you will enjoy with it !
see ya


Ohhh where is that Jag of mine... (oh right, it was boxed and it's stowed away. never mind).

Looks great, a worthy port!

Does the music sound faster or is it my idea?


thanks !
yes its a little bit faster with the skunkboard, i hope it is at good speed on a real cartridge !


Awesome !!! ... next console: Dreamcast !!!  ;D
your amstrad news source in spanish language :


Quote from: XeNoMoRPH on 10:53, 27 February 18
Awesome !!! ... next console: Dreamcast !!!  ;D
maybe.... stay tuned !  ;)


Someone has already done it ...  :o :o :o :o
your amstrad news source in spanish language :


Ha! Imagine that...


yes, its my codes on dreamcast  8)
i have helped them to do it and it works fine !  :)

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