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BDCK - Yet Another Boulder Dash Editor
« on: 20:33, 09 September 21 »
Hi folks,
I have revised BDCK from Happy Computer magazine once again  8)

Today a new official successor was released:

So I though it was a good idea to remove lots of bugs from BDCK.You can find old versions at Maybe I'll upload the new version once I know it's stable. In theory it should supersede all prior versions.

The most challenging part was to allow to edit the levels from BD2 (Hack) and BD3. Had to fix the caves format.  :o It's really fun to see how a level is build step by step (DEL and TAB, TAB, TAB...)

I avoided "Boulder Dash Construction Kit" in the headline, but that's the name the magazine chose to generate some confusion  ;D

The disk also contains Boulder Dash itself. So you can play BD1, BD2 (the hack) and BD3. All levels are unlocked, so you can test any bonus life you want  :laugh:
UPDATE: Fixed missing level file and missing disk.  :doh:
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