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Golden Games
« on: 21:35, 20 May 10 »
"The Eidolon" is one of my favourites on the Amstrad.
Great 3D-graphics, atmospheric sound effects, great story and gameplay...wonderful!
Another game I like very much: "Fairlight - a prelude". The mood of this adventure is really unique. I like this game more than Eden Blues, Knight Lore or 3D-Batman.
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Re: Golden Games
« Reply #1 on: 03:10, 21 May 10 »
Oh my sweet and tender damsel... (lol)

What is this enigmatic thing you dare call "Golden Game" ???

Is it the kind of Favourite game ? or a more specific stuff ? like the Firebird/silverbird/goldenbird series of games ?

For me, the games that sticked to my fond memory :


A game with a deepth I would find later in RPG games like Might and Magic 3+, Eyes of the beholder and this kind of long-nights games... And of course the VGA remake Pirate Gold!...

In more action ways...
Robocop, DragonNinja, shinobi or Gryzor are the perfect beat and shoot platformscrollers.

In a more 2 players coin-op way : Silkworm, Forgotten worlds, target renegade, rampage...super sprint too.

R-Type or H.A.T.E (sweet musik...yet sluggish a bit and/or speccy ported to monochrome-Death)


Also : Deflektor... a great game whatever the computer you run it.

Barbarian 1 & 2...
Rick Dangerousseez...

Wec le Mans, Crazycars series, buggy Boy and Lotus turbo Esprit challenge for pure car games...
GeeBee too was fun.

BombJacks 1&2 were awesome and fast...

I remember a few adventure text-based games : Qin (ere software or UbiSoft ? Loriciel ?), Zombi (from french companies...) but disliked them because too special... (slow, not graphical enough) and went to PC with Monkey Island, Loom, Indiana Jones 3...Lucas Art point and clicks...

Yet Captain Blood was great... managed to finish it thx to Amstrad 100% solution (naked girl was granted...)
Sweet effects, graphics, music and so on... also the visual language system was so fun I could even undertand it fluently...

CPC was quite poor on RPG (I was player Dark Eye/Das Schwarze Auge, Warhammer RPG and Battle,Stormbringer/Elric, Cyberpunk 2020, Paranoïa... pen and ppaper RPGs...) that I found correct and solid RPG  ( Eyes of the beholder or Ultima underworld or Might and magic series or whatever...) or Management simulations (Sim city...) and tactical simulations (Populous of course, X-Com, Dune 1&2, Warcraft ...) only on PC.
Also wargames..well not that much of those but la bataille d'angleterre was great (battle of britain) on CPC.

Oh, Sapiens...sweet despite badly Amstrad ported from Thomson MO5...and too complex for the young snotling I was...
A mode 0 remake may be so sweet... with action sequence as in barbarian 2 perhaps ??? lol...

North & South perhaps, but it is not just a wargame because of the action sequences...

Perhaps the only other pseudo RPG I played on CPC was Turlough le Rodeur...and it was quite difficult if you don't have the solution...not RPG enough, too Adventure... (but sweet graphics, as it was a comic book adaptation if i remember well...)

For serious "flight" simulations the best I played on CPC was Gunship (really good)... Elite...well I wasn't that into it because I wasn't good enough in english at the time (my brother was, I re-discovered it   later on PC with the VGA remake...) but StarGlider and Star Raider were   great.
But I switched on PC  and appreciated this kind of games thx to Figther Bomber (I should test it on CPC), LHX, Tie Fighter, Wing commander...

First person shooters ?
Well of course i tasted Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and many more after...on PC...
Yet I had some kind of FPS on CPC Thx to Prohibition, Operation Wolf, Xybot (great 2 players coin-op...yet speccy porked to death...) or Cabal (speccy ported too much but nice...)

And many other games i may forget... but As I don't know what you actually mean by golden games, I may be a bit out of topic again (I'm so predictible...)

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Re: Golden Games
« Reply #2 on: 17:52, 21 May 10 »
H.A.T.E (sweet musik...)

Yeah, sweet musique with a sampled resonant filter sweep.
The musician Ben Daglish used the same sample in the titeltune of Technocop which is superb. Awesome tune!
If you haven't heard it, then listen to it now!
Please note: There are different download-versions of Technocop in the WorldWideWeb. Some versions contains the titeltune, some not. Please don´t ask me why.
What is this enigmatic thing you dare call "Golden Game" ???
Is it the kind of Favourite game?

YES  :)

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Re: Golden Games
« Reply #3 on: 17:57, 21 May 10 »
I've always enjoyed H-A-T-E, music was really good, and the challenge good. Talking about differences in games, did anyone ever notice that the full price version of Top Gun, was different to the budget version?